• R&D is Critical to the Future of the Cannabis Industry

Research & Development

Global Canna has identified researchers through the University of the West Indies (UWI) that will begin to produce organic products that are native to Jamaica. Many Natural herbs that are found locally will become inputs with the medicinal ganja that Global Canna is producing.

By combining the scientific genetics research with our ability to use strains originating from Jamaica, we will have a collection of strains that are naturally suited to be bred for the Jamaican environment to combat naturally occurring weather conditions and pests.

Global Canna is working to achieve its Good Agricultural and Collecting Practice (GACP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certifications

Product Strategy

Global Canna currently owns 112 strains. The company plans to create full spectrum Jamaican ganja beverages through a joint venture for a water soluble technology.

Global Canna believes the future of medical cannabis will develop based on unique strains targeting specific conditions.  Being the leader in this field is a crucial success.

Global Canna is committed to strategic production growth while maintaining world leading quality standards.